The Longest Poem in the World

Via Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics

Take one random twitter post, find another one that rhymes, put it together and what have you got?

The longest poem in the world!

Some examples:
“gonna watch a movie with the hubby and then going to bed!
No, an eskimo that just stands there and you nail it to your head.”

“and everyone knows how that sad story ended..
I am sure not as Orwell and Spark intended”

“here we go again and again and again.
Boy you think you know somebody and then……”

“Life is too short to be small. Think big and always do great things.
watching the break-up alone and eating some shrimp and hot wings.”

“Got my eyebrows did and i got the nice lady. Score.
All that’s left is the shirt and the ears. I am so sore…”


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