I’ve added a couple of books to my “favorites” list. In case you are that lazy and don’t want to click on through, here’s what I added:

19. Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman – This is a beautiful little book about dreams and time and people (as a whole, not as individuals). There is a sense of fairy tale in each dreaming, where the people of this other world are strange but familiar, where life is lovely and cruel, and where the flow of time might not be a flow at all, but a waterfall or a block of ice or flames.

20. Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino – In some ways this is a similar book to Einstein’s Dreams, but where Lightman explores time, Calvino explores landscape. Both books take my breath away with the beauty of their prose and the depth of their imagination. They both make me wish our world was a little less uniform, with more pockets of utterly delightful weirdness.


One thought on “Update!

  1. I’ve been wanting to read Invisible Cities for ages, but haven’t been able to find any copies in any of my bookstores. I didn’t think there was any for sale from amazon either, so thanks for the link!

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