Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson

Maureen Johnson is one of my favorite YA authors because she is riotously funny. Suite Scarlett is her latest book and is no exception. Scarlet’s family owns a hotel in New York and, on her 16th birthday, she is given the responsibility of one of the rooms, to clean it and care for whatever guests she might have (there haven’t been many lately). At the same time, she’s met the guy of her dreams and her older brother Spencer (who is the dreamiest brother ever! Trust me, you’ll be as in love with him as I am!) has gotten his big break, but needs Scarlett’s help to hide it from their parents.

Scarlett and Spencer have wonderful interactions, but the rest of Scarlett’s family is important to the novel, too. And that’s one of the reasons I love this book. They’re all characters, with individuals desires and motivations, but they all love each other and invade each other’s privacy. In other words, they’re just like a real family!

Suite Scarlett is a great book, and I know you’re just dying to read it. Fortunately, I’ve got you covered! To promote Scarlett Fever, the sequel, Maureen is giving away the ebook for Suite Scarlett until January 15th. Go get it while you can!


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