Short Stories

Someone, I think Justine Larbalestier, said that most writers can either write short stories or novels, but not both. Or, at least, that one is a lot easier to write. I don’t know about that because I can’t call myself a writer in public, but I do know that it’s a little different for readers. I love to read both short stories and novels, but my dad, for instance, hates short stories. I haven’t met a lot of people who love short stories and hate novels, but I suspect that all those people I meet who say, “Oh, reading just takes so much time! I’d rather watch a movie.” might enjoy short stories (which take even less time than a movie!) if only they could think of themselves as readers at all.

Anyway! Today is short story day! Short stories are super easy to find legally online, and here are a few of my favorites:

Neil Gaiman’s I Cthulhu – Maybe one of the reasons I love short stories is that there are a lot more hilarious short stories than hilarious novels and I love me some funny words. Neil Gaiman actually has quite a few short stories up on his site, which is awesome. Anyway, this is hilarious.

Kelly Link’s Some Zombie Contingency Plans – A true short story writer. She also has many stories up on her site, including an entire book of short stories available for download. You might have to download the book to read the story, cause it is appearing very, very small for me.

Yoon Ha Lee’s The Lens of the Sky – This is from a set of flash fic that she writes on her livejournal (not to diminish her published work, this is just what I have access to!). I wanted to include these because, for one thing, they’re lovely, and for another, they’re super short! Just goes to show that you can write at any length.

I think that’s enough for now! I might do this again, because I often find myself with a few short story tabs open!


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