A short one: Chew, written by John Layman and illustrated by Rob Guillory, is a graphic novel about a certain Mr. Tony Chu, cibopath.  That’s right, Chu gets psychic impressions from whatever he puts his mouth, whether it’s the growing and harvesting of wheat for bread or the slaughter of lambs for stew, he sees it all. And did I mention he’s a cop? His, uh, talent comes in handy as often as in comes in disgusting.

Chew is, as you might imagine, both very sick and quite hilarious. The art is beautiful, the writing top-notch, and the characters perfection, complete with an Asian main character! My one complaint? There are three female characters with lines, all of them minor (so far) and all of them sexy-bodied. If I couldn’t have more women with more importance, I would have at least liked to see some different body types, especially given the range of body types we see in the numerous male characters. *sigh*


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