Books read in 2010 #5

1. Heir Apparent by Vivian Vande Velde
2. Locked Inside by Nancy Werline
3. Chew Volume 1: Taster’s Choice by John Layman and Rob Guillory
4. Princess Academy by Shannon Hale
5. Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale – Um, love, again. Why did I wait so long to read anything by Hale? I’m not going to do the summary thing tonight, it’s too late and I’m tired. But some highlights: oh, what a beautiful romance. Oh, fantasy based on a non-Western culture (in this case, something East Asian. I think it’s Chinese, but it could be Korean, or even South-East Asian, like Vietnamese. I should look this up instead of guessing, huh? Again, too tired.)!!! Oh, what a lovely plot and complex relationships between characters. Oh, fantasy without huge blatant magic (i.e. energy blasts and other silly things). Oh, oh, oh. I loved this.

And lest you think I’m not reading anything for school, I am. I just haven’t finished any of the books, and I can hardly count articles and short stories in a list called “Books read in 2010,” now can I? But to prove that I am doing my school reading, here is a line by a Vietnamese Buddhist monk that sucker-punched me: “Our people are less beautiful than they were in the past.” He’s talking about the damage done by the Vietnam war and why he focuses more on educating young people. “There is so much suspicion, hatred, and misunderstanding. Weeds and thorns have grown everywhere in the soil of their minds.”

In fact, I should go finish that. See ya later!


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