Reading Slumps & the Read-a-Thon

I’m pretty much in a reading slump. It’s manifested itself differently than past reading slumps, though.

See, the weird thing about this reading slump is that I am actually reading. It’s just that I keep picking up books and reading a bit and picking up more books. I’m reading at least five currently. It’s so strange. And aside from the book I finished today*, I haven’t finished a book in ages.

There is a plan in motion to get back on track, though! This Saturday is the super awesome Dewey’s Read-a-Thon*. The goal is to read for 24 hours straight or however long until you get bored/tired/busy, whilst taking breaks to cheer on other people and be altogether awesome.

Go sign up and do it with me! Nothing better than a full day’s reading for the soul.

*Book 10 of 2010 – Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman (a reread). The review for the P&P sequel is still coming, as soon as I get over my blogging slump!
**Dewey was a terribly cool blogger who started the Read-a-Thon. She died in 2008, and the Read-a-Thon was renamed in remembrance. She was a very positive force and I’m still saddened by her death. As I am by all deaths. Stupid Death. Hate it.


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