Sorry for any of you whose RSS feeds have been flooded today! I promise, only a few more of these updates. ;)

I’m still plugging away at Sabriel and have passed the halfway mark. I don’t have any more plans for the day/night, so I’ll get at least a few more solid hours before calling it a (rather unsuccessful) day.

Here’s a couple of mini-challenges. First up is Michelle’s, who asks, “What was the first book you loved?” I adore this question and I think my answer is:

It’s a simple, simple book about a bird eating an apple. There are no words, but the illustrations are gorgeous. I remember being a wee child and staring for what seemed like hours at the swirling colors of the apple.

And now Jennifer’s mini!

  • What steps did you take to ensure you’d be able to read as much as possible today? I made no plans, picked books that I thought would be good, and had plenty of easy-to-make food.
  • Of those steps,  which proved to be the most beneficial to your day? I think they all would have been useful if only they had worked out!
  • Is there anything you might do differently next time? I think I would start with a quite short book, something around two hundred pages.
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