A Matter of Class by Mary Balogh

I had trouble sleeping last night and ended up reading quite a lot of Bleeding Violet, which I finished this morning. I’m not going to talk about it just yet, though, I think I will save my post/review until after the Read-In.

However! I read a short romance before I went to sleep. That brings me up to five for the year, so I’m just about on track for the 50 Book Challenge. Anyway! Onto the review!

A Matter of Class by Mary Balogh is an unexpected take on the arranged marriage, which is damned hard to do!

Reggie is the dandy son of a rich coal merchant. Annabelle is the ruined daughter of an impoverished earl. Their fathers have been enemies for years, but a marriage between their children would solve all of their problems (aside from having neighboring estates, that is). Both Reggie and Annabelle protest, but neither are in a position to refuse what their fathers “suggest”. How does Mary Balogh turn this trope on its head? You’ll just have to read and find out!

I really enjoyed this short book. Reggie is, refreshingly, not the typical Regency hero: he doesn’t brood, he’s social and funny. I love me a hero who teases! Annabelle is more typical, but perfectly enjoyable. Their interactions with each other are truly delicious, and isn’t that what romance is all about?

The book has only one sex scene and isn’t too strong on the sensual front, which is neither a plus nor a minus for me though it may be for some. I do find it, to be honest, a relief when the couple aren’t majorly attracted to each other at first sight, but I tend to prefer more of the physical side of things once the romance progresses.

The only real complaint I have is that there was a bit too much exposition at the end. I had already figured out the essentials of the twist and didn’t need Reggie and Annabelle to spell it all out for me. Still, I enjoyed A Matter of Class a lot and, clocking in at only 224 pages, it’s the perfect book to pick up and read in an evening!

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