Dewey’s Read-a-thon

Guys, this is my favorite online biannual event! It’ll take place on April 9th and involves 24 hours of reading, posting, crazy commenting, reading, mini-challenges, contests, and did I mention reading?

It is SERIOUSLY FUN and I hope ya’ll will join in with me! Just click on that button to be taken over to the sign-up page.

Dewey’s read-a-thon isn’t just fun, though. A lot of people use it to raise money for charity, but for me, the serious side comes by way of remembering Dewey, the creator of the ‘Thon. Here’s some of the history of the Read-a-Thon taken from their history page:

“In October 2007, Dewey from The Hidden Side of a Leaf (her blog has since been taken down, so this link won’t work) started the 24 Hour Read-a-Thon, an event that was inspired by 24 Hour Comics Day…

The read-a-thon, in about one year’s time, became such a cornerstone of the book blogging community that the event was nominated for best event/carnival/meme for BBAW. It didn’t win, but Dewey really appreciated the nomination.

After Dewey passed away in November 2008, the three of us who had helped Dewey with the past two read-a-thons, Hannah (WordLily), Ana (Nymeth), and Trish (Hey Lady!) knew we wanted to continue the tradition. We certainly don’t expect to live up to the high standard that Dewey set for us, but we can certainly try.”

There’s more history over the page, so go over and click! I started doing the Read-a-Thon either the second or third time around, and I was very, very sad to hear of Dewey’s death. It is just so wonderful how the blogging community continues to remember and honor her in this way, with this wonderful and ridiculously fun event that she started. :)


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