Sunday Time-Sinks: Sweet Valley High

You guys may or may not know that I recently came into a decent collection of Sweet Valley High books. About which, I’ll be honest, I am SUPER EXCITED. SERIOUSLY. The closest I got to cheesy teen reading as an actual teen were L. J. Smith’s Night World books (which are pretty cheesetastic, let me tell you), and between this and the V. C. Andrews books that came in the same batch, I am all over this ooey-gooey cheesy-sleazy goodness.

But really, I feel like I have to prepare myself for the true goopiness. I don’t want to just walk into this unprepared, right? This is where Forever Young Adult comes in: Erin of said website has been reading and posting about the ENTIRE SVH series since January of last year, and her drinking game reviews are an an absolute crackup to read. I recommend starting with the first five and going from there. I personally am looking forward to losing many hours this afternoon laughing at these and mentally preparing myself for ACTUALLY READING THE ACTUAL BOOKS. Dear god.

(P.S. I think Jessica may have turned me onto these hilarious reviews? If so, thanks, Jessica! If not, I’m still giving her credit until somebody else steps forward.)


3 thoughts on “Sunday Time-Sinks: Sweet Valley High

  1. I may have! I have definitely seen that site before, but I don’t remember if I shared it with you or not. I’ll take the credit and thanks, though.

    Speaking of cheese, should we attempt Rain back-to-back for the Read-a-Thon? :D:D (If we hang out in person, that is.)

    • YES. RAIN. YES. OH PLEASE. That sounds like the absolute best course of action, so long as we have backup books in case we aren’t strong enough to handle V. C. Andrews.

  2. I remember these books. I did read them as a teenager, because the library had a whole shelf of them and I spent several years working my way through all–okay, most–of the library’s YA section. There’s a special place in my heart for cheesy ridiculous teen books. And I absolutely adore hilarious reviews of said books, so the links you gave are making me very happy.

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