Book Origami Part 2

Well, we’re into our second or third hour of the Read-a-Thon here at NBP, partially because neither of us are any good at getting up early. But hey! There are all sorts of great challenges and things going on, and like Jessica, I chose to participate in Word Lily’s Book Origami challenge. I’m reading Sweet Valley High: Mystery Date, which is apparently a SUPER ROMANCE. It’s pretty super so far, let me tell you, with its CYBERSPACE and its CHAT ROOMS and ONLINE ROMANCE. Ken (our hero) meets Olivia (our heroine) online in a teen chat room–it’s pretty lucky for them that they happened to find, oh, high schoolers from THE SAME SCHOOL THEY GO TO instead of Old Mister Waters, who pretends to be a 16-year-old girl and keeps football players in his basement.

Anyhoodle, there’s some boring amazing crap about how Ken gives Olivia a “cyberpresent,” which is his description of a poppy that he picked on his way home from school. Which might be pretty cute if it weren’t so godawful. I thought it would be appropriate, then, to make an origami poppy out of part of the front-page glossy of good old Olivia and Ken laughing it up in real life, except I decapitated them both and made the flower out of their bodies and the word “ROMANCE.” (Which is what Old Mister Waters will do if he ever catches up with Ken in that teen chat room!)

It…kind of looks like a poppy? I got the instructions here and it would probably look more like a proper flower if it weren’t half made up of the word “ROMCE.” But hey, I feel energized and refreshed and ready to take on the cybersex cyber-relationship of Ken and Olivia once more!

Keep on reading, folks! LOL and :), as the teen cybersurfers might say.


9 thoughts on “Book Origami Part 2

    • Aw, thanks! It was fun, even if I’m not too good with my hands. I’m looking forward to checking back on your challenge in a bit and seeing what else people have made!

    • I know, the challenges are all so fun but I feel like I’m spending more time on them than I am on the reading, haha. It can be hard to find a good balance.

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