Book origami!

This is Jessica, checking in from my INTENSE READING of Charlotte Sometimes (it’s not that intense, really) to do the Mini-Challenge for this Hour. We’ve been instructed to rip a page out of a book and make some origami out of it!

I chose to make a cootie catcher, or fortune teller because Charlotte Sometimes takes place in a boarding school and it seemed appropriate! I made it out of a page from Mia’s SVH book as I didn’t have any nearby that I was willing to defile. Then I took her fortune, which was, amazingly, cybersparks. I’m so jealous!


4 thoughts on “Book origami!

  1. OK, I’m officially jealous of the entries I’ve seen so far. Why? Y’all got so creative with it…and somehow tied it to the theme of what you’re reading. Me? Went with the easiest origami piece I could find.

    But I love the cootie catcher…it brings back so many wonderful (and not so) memories from childhood.

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