Picturiffic Mini-Challenge

What ho, fellow readers! Are you all just so JAZZED to be up past your bedtime? Or up sometime in the daytime, if you live somewhere other in the world than where I am and therefore are on Space Moon Gibberish Time? Me too! Oh yeah.

Anyway, I just finished Joey Comeau’s It’s Too Late to Say I’m Sorry, which I will probably write a review for sometime later this week because it definitely is deserving of its own post. This hour’s mini-challenge, the Picturiffic Mini-Challenge hosted by Memory over on her LJ account, directs you to find a picture that is representative of something in the book you are reading. Since It’s Too Late to Say I’m Sorry is a book of short stories, I picked one sort-of at random: “Where Are You Off to Now?” I don’t want to spoil the story, because it is excellent and messed up (like all the others), so suffice it to say that my picture is of a city bike tour (although of Vienna, not Nova Scotia):

I would credit the photographer but there doesn’t appear to be one listed, so just know that I ganked the image from this website. You know, in case you want to book a city bike tour of Vienna. I’ve only been to Salzburg, but I hear it’s lovely.

Jessica appears to be crashing on the floor; perhaps I shall read more Rain aloud to try and encourage her to get up and read something, anything else. I hope everyone else is holding up well!


2 thoughts on “Picturiffic Mini-Challenge

  1. I think I’d be scared to go on a city bike tour of even a familiar city! I’d have to have a really good feel for how the locals tend to drive. A country bike tour, on the other hand, might be a lot of fun!

    • Oh, I know. My current home, Stockton, is not bike friendly in the least. If I could go on an unusual bike tour like the one in the book, though (a tour of the narrator’s ex-girlfriends’ houses) I just might brave it! XD

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