Tamora Pierce Reading Challenge

That’s right, Alyssa from the Shady Glade is hosting a Tamora Pierce Reading Challenge. Given that Pierce’s books meant a lot to me at one time or another, I can hardly resist, can I?

Mia’s doing it, too, and I also mentioned it to the most die-hard Pierce fan I know, my friend Lizzie, who, without even looking at the challenge page, knew she was going to sign up for the highest level, reading all of Pierce’s books.

I’m going to be a little more circumspect, and sign up for the Lady Knight level, where I aim to read 9 to 14 of her books. Here’s my list, though I can’t promise which order I’ll read it.

1) Beka Cooper – My book club (which both Mia and Lizzie are in) decided to read this this month, so of course I’m including it!
2-5) The Immortals (Wild Magic, etc.) – Wild Magic was my first Pierce and I somehow managed to never read the rest of the quartet. Time to remedy.
6-9) Alanna – Need I elucidate?
10) Bloodhound – The second in the Beka Cooper series.

What else? The Trickster books? Protector of the Small? Circle of Magic? Not the Circle Opens, unless I reread CoM and wanted more. It’s been too long since I read CoM that I don’t think I could jump right into Circle Opens. I’d love some opinions as I’m actually pretty ill-read in Tamora Pierce! And how about you? Will you join in?


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