Free Holly Black audiobook!

I have not read any books by Holly Black, but Mia has and I know she’s pretty jazzed about her latest series.

AND NOW IF YOU WANT you can get White Cat, the first book, as an audiobook! More importantly, A FREE AUDIOBOOK.

Go Team Free Books, GOOOOOOO!


2 thoughts on “Free Holly Black audiobook!

  1. Wooooop! I am all about this! You should definitely listen to it, and I’m jazzed to see/hear what the audiobook is like. :D

  2. Ooh, thank you! I’m totally a random reader– wandered over hear via Reading in Skirts, via Already Pretty– and I’m glad I found this!

    I was initially jazzed because I conflated Emma Bull and Holly Black in my head (I loved War for the Oaks in high school), but heck, free audiobook: I’ll take it! I’d love to have something new to listen to while sewing!

    Y’all rock! Thanks!

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