Hour 12: Hodge Podge Proposal Mini Challenge

Erin over at Erin Reads is hosting this hour’s mini challenge.

Mia and I worked collaboratively on this one:

“Pappio Prizm – Astronaut to the Stars, Ladies’ Man, Man’s Man, Man About Town – runs an exclusive ship resort, The Crystal Chandelier. It serves celebrities looking for a deeper kinship with the universe – that is, it connects stars with stars. But little does he know when beautiful Esther Weed, a voice actress with a face for radio, comes aboard, his life will change forever. She isn’t looking for a connection with the stars – but with Pappio Prizm himself. How will he handle his growing attraction to this angel of the airwaves while his ship is hijacked by an unknown race of aliens, calling themselves Swoodilypooperians, and bound towards a, I don’t know, wormhole or something. How will he strike a balance between love and work in this gripping, edge-of-your-seat thrill ride? – Pappio Prizm 1.”

Graphic "by" Mia.


Hopefully it’s half as fun to read as it was to write because, man, was it ever fun to write!


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