Hour 16: Rereading Mini Challenge

Woof. Jessica and I spent the larger part of an hour and a half reading Rain to each other, which was full of wonderful gems about the crazy things people apparently can do to their bodies:

She tucked in her lips. (225)

“Been there about seven years now,” he said squeezing his chin between his thumb and forefinger. (228)

She stared, her lips relaxing in the corners for a moment and then stiffening. (231)

If I were running a mini-challenge, my challenge would be to try and stiffen or relax ONLY the corners of your mouth. With video footage proving that this is possible for humans to accomplish.

Oh, Rain.

But I was here to do a mini-challenge, wasn’t I? The Blue Stocking Society has a challenge about rereading:

Here’s the challenge:

1. Go back to your blog, and tell us about a book you’re rereading during the read-a-thon. Maybe post a picture of the book and describe why you love it enough to reread it.


2. Go back to your blog, and give us a list of your top favorite rereads of all time. You know, those books that you can go to time and time again for comfort and escape. Again, pictures are always good but not required.

I don’t have any rereads in my Read-a-Thon pile, so I’ll tell you about one of my favorite rereads in general: Animist, by Eve Forward.

I bought my copy when I was probably twelve or thirteen. Sometimes you’re just at the perfect age or time in your life for a book to really resonate with you, and that was it for me and Animist. I was the kind of kid who liked animals more than other people, and the world-building really drew preteen Mia into the story. Now it’s a story I know quite well, but each time I reread it I’m coming from a slightly different place in my life and different details stand out to me. I once dated a guy who didn’t see the point in rereading, but I say phooey to him.

Now it’s not even hour 16 anymore, so I’d better get back to one of my books. Something that’s not Rain.

Jessica says: I have two rereads in my RAT pile, but I don’t think I’ll get to either of them. The first is Seed to Harvest, the collection of Octavia Butler’s four Patternist books. I’ve actually only read the first one, Wild Seed, but it’s hecka good and I’ve been meaning to reread it along with the rest of the series for a couple of years now. Octavia Butler is one of my favorite authors, with such great strength that I return to her works again and again. My other reread for today was Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay, and for similar reasons. There’s a depth with these two authors, combined with strong characters, plots, and themes, that I know I will never been done with them. (That said, a lot of my favorites rereads are more like Mia’s: books that I’ve loved for many, many years, that are comfortable as my favorite pajamas, and that I know will show me different things at different stages of my life.


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