Hour 2: Character Photo Mini Challenge

From the lovely Alyce at at home with books, we have our Hour 2 mini challenge.

Mia: My photo represents the character Joseph from the book I’m reading currently, The Graveyard Game, by Kage Baker. In the second book in the same series, Sky Coyote, Joseph pretends to be the god Sky Coyote to the Chumash people living in California in 1699.

Jessica: My photo represents a blurry Deryn (played by Jumping Jack Mozart) flying through London on the airbeast Huxley (played by Jelly the Fish) in Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan.

Reading update: Mia’s read a whopping fourteen pages of her Kage Baker book, and is very close to the end. I’ve read 50-ish more pages of Whales on Stilts (which Mia thrust at me as I came through the door last night), making me about halfway done.


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