This time on: Unexpected Books in the Mail

Is there anything better than coming home and finding a package of books on your doorstep? I’ve gotten a couple in the last month (one for this Holiday Book Swap – I got A Game of Thrones and I sent Book of a Thousand Days to Gail at Ticket to Anywhere – and one from Mary), but today I got a package that I was completely not expecting!


Robin Wasserman’s recently re-packaged Skinned trilogy!


Now it’s the Cold Awakening trilogy. I have to say, I dig these covers more, even though the ice lady is suuuuuper skinny.

See, when these new covers/titles came out in October, Robin Wasserman posted on her livejournal that, in order to make room for these new pretty things, she needed to give away some of her old pretty things! I emailed with my deets (being very forthcoming about how small this blog is), she emailed back and said “I’ll see what I can do!” and I didn’t hear anything else.

Until this afternoon! When a package! Arrived! On my doorstep! Full of books! Robin sent me the trilogy with the British covers, as well as a US copy of Crashed that I’ll definitely be giving away when I post a review.




2 thoughts on “This time on: Unexpected Books in the Mail

  1. Buh, that’s mega-sweet! Getting unexpected packages in the mail feels so magic and special, you lucky lady. I really love it when covers of a series can be put together to make a larger picture, and I’m all over the styling of these (although I agree with you re: ice chick’s skinniness). Can’t wait to hear how they are!

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