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I always enjoy link round-ups elsewhere, but never do them here! What’s up with that? Anyway, I’m about a month behind on my Google reader, so these are all going to be a little old:

Sylvia at What If Books Etc. talked a bit about disability in speculative fiction:

Thinking of disability as located within the body is also false. Disability is socially constructed; in other words, it comes from a mismatch between a person and their society… People with disabilities are the ones with “special” needs; able-bodied people are the ones with “normal” needs. When normal shifts, so does disability.

The wonderful women at SBTB did a GS (Good Shit) vs STA (Shit to Avoid) on lesbian romances in response to a chapter of the RWA refusing to accept same-sex entries to their contests.

On the off-chance you haven’t seen it yet, Flavorwire put together a gallery of the 20 most beautiful bookstores.

Doret from Color Online put together a really useful list of some of her most anticipated 2012 releases by women of color.

And lastly, the Cybils (YA book blogger awards, if you don’t know) announced their winners! I’m most excited to read Blood Red Road which I’ve heard fantastic things about. Plus, I’m a sucker for dystopias, so it’s right up my alley!


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