A couple of weeks ago, Booking through Thursdays asked: Do you have siblings? Do they like to read?

Yes to both! I have two brothers, one older (David) and one younger (Brian). David, as far as I know, has always been a reader and has fairly eclectic tastes, but mostly he reads science fiction, nonfiction, and classics (he’s been working on the major Russians). Brian hated to read when he was younger, but when he was… some age (10, maybe?) he read Watership Down and the rest is history. He reads mostly science fiction and fantasy (like our dad), but is trying to branch out more this year.

So what’s about ya’ll? Do you have siblings and what are they like as readers?


Among Others by Jo Walton

From the Publisher’s Weekly starred review:

“World Fantasy Award–winner Walton (Tooth and Claw) turns the magical boarding school story inside out in this compelling coming-of-age tale. Welsh teen Morwenna was badly hurt, and her twin sister killed, when the two foiled their abusive mother’s spell work. Seeking refuge with a father she barely knows in England, Mori is shunted off to a grim boarding school. Mori works a spell to find kindred souls and soon meets a welcoming group of science fiction readers, but she can feel her mother looking for her, and this time Mori won’t be able to escape.”

I’m a month late in my Google Reader still, so I’ve only just read Aarti from Booklust’s wonderful review of Among Others. Mia and I read it last year in our YA book club and both really enjoyed it (good choice, Mia!), but I couldn’t find us ever talking about it on the blog. Aarti pretty much covered my feelings on the book, so I’d urge you to go read her review if you want to know more about the book! (That short synopsis above makes it sound more action-packed than it is. This is an often meditative book, so keep that in mind.)

(Hey, Mia, someone in the comments posted a link to a Pinterest pinboard with all of the books Mor mentions, mostly with great classic covers – isn’t it awesome?)