Links x2

(Jessica: I just found this post that I wrote back in MARCH, but never published! Shame on me! Still, these are all great links, so I’ll just go ahead and publish it now.)

As a romance reader, I know intimately the embarrassment of people trashing those purple-prosed bodice-rippers. I’m not embarrassed that I read romance, but who wants to constantly defend a genre against people who are only interested in making fun and not interested in a new point of view? In Feb, SB Sarah wrote about reader shaming. She quotes a reviewer of her latest book: Never feel guilty for reading something. A book can mean anything to anyone.
I’d like to add to that: Never feel guilty for loving something. What a book means to you is no less importance for someone else’s opinion.

Keeping with romance novels, here’s a video for Maya Rodale’s Dangerous Books for Girls: The Bad Reputation of Romance Novels, Explained.

Ya’ll, I’m in love with this video. It just makes me want to punch my fish in the air and shout, “GO WOMEN!!!”

Have any of you heard of Science in my Fiction? It’s a great blog aimed towards writers of all sorts, though more SF&F, who want to inject a bit of real science into their work. In Feb they did a post on dragons that will give you a good idea what they’re about!


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