Link Roundup 8/27/12

via The Atlas of True Names

+ An article on defictionalization and the crossing-over of products from the fictional world to the real world, over at Overthinking It. 

+ A The Giver tattoo at The Word Made Flesh.

+ Nisaba Be Praised favorite Shannon Hale, on why boys tend not to read “girl books.”

+ Comicker Lucy Knisley’s reasonably-priced food-focused Tanzania travelogue. If “free” is more your style, you can also preview her upcoming (delicious-looking) book Relish.

+ The gorgeous book-spine parking structure for the new Kansas City downtown library.

+ Comicker Dylan Meconis’ response to a slightly scare-mongering article on comics in the classroom.

+ The Atlas of True Names, which “reveals the etymological roots, or original meanings, of the familiar terms on today’s maps of the World, Europe, the British Isles and the United States.” I live near Consecration! And…Oakland. Okay, they’re not all terribly exciting, but places like “Stink Onion” and “Abundance of Apples” more than make up for it. You can buy the maps!


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