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Via Melissa at The Feminist Texican Reads, Edwidge Dandicat tells stories and talks about Haiti. As Melissa says, it’s long but worth it. My favorite bit, which is from her second story, “I dreamed of telling you a story. And since this story would be my last, I wanted it to be a perfect story. Not perfect in execution, but perfect only in intent.” The first bit is edited a bit, to shorten it to get at what really spoke to me, so you’ll have to listen to the whole thing to get the real version. But seriously, ugh, I love that so much. Do you ever get stuck on/fall in love with bits of writing? I think the only time I believe in love at first sight(/hearing/reading) is with art.

Via Tanita Davis at Finding Wonderland, two writers read The Giver for the first time as adults. I know Mia also first read it as an adult – how does your experience relate to theirs? A non-spoilery quote (don’t read the piece if you haven’t read the book – just go read the book):

Kate: I couldn’t put it down. I read it in one sitting; I got two pages in and moved my towel under the umbrella and finished it there. It’s so lean, the pacing is so good, and it’s brutal and unrelenting and all those words that sound like movie blurbs. It lacks the romance or the humor or anything that would be that spoonful of sugar, but that’s a testament to how perfect a piece of storytelling it is.


Both Mia and I will be participating in the A More Diverse Universe Blog Tour, hosted by Aarti at BookLust and others. All that you have to do is read a speculative fiction novel written by a person of color. Right now I’m thinking I’ll reread Wild Seed by Octavia Butler, which I’ve been meaning to do for quite a while, but the siren call of authors or books new to me may prove irresistible. Sign-ups are open until September 12th, so I encourage you to go sign up!

Lastly, a pretty thing via Design Milk:


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