Hour 20 Update

Hoo, boy. A couple of hours ago, Mia and I were going strong… Not so much anymore. IDK how much longer we’ll last. I may be hitting a second (third? fourth?) wind as I write this, but I’m not sure about Mia, who is still plugging away at Tekkonkinkreet and I just switched, after reading a bit of Riddley Walker, to Mind of My Mind by Octavia Butler. In retrospect, it may have been foolish to leave Riddley until so late in the game – it requires moreĀ attention and energy than the average book, things that I do not have in large supply at the moment.

Mia and I were happy to see the Book Sentence mini-challenge go up at Midnight Book Girl. It’s a perennial favorite her at NBP. Mine is above – for whatever reason, I set up the books vertically to read from left to right, so the sentence should read, “The odyssey unveiled the warmth of other suns: brave new world.” (And thank you, Mia, for the use of your library.)

And here’s Mia’s: “Smoke and mirrors fool the general in his labyrinth.”

Thanks for hosting that and we’ll see how much longer we last. :P


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