Read-a-Thon Mini Challenge Hour 10: Marking Books!

Hey, everybody! Congratulations, we’re almost halfway there. Right about now you might be needing a break, and so you’ll set aside whatever you’re reading at the moment. What better time to think of how to mark your place?

You have two options for your challenge this hour. 1) is to create a bookmark to stick in that book and take a picture of it. This can be paper-folding, illustrating, whatever you like! You could theme it to your book, or just make something pretty (or funny, like the one above). Handmade bookmarks are a great chance to be creative!

Or, if you’d prefer, 2) tell us about what you like to use as bookmarks and why. For example: Mia is marking her current book of choice with one free bookmark advertising Christopher Moore’s Fluke that she got free from Barnes & Noble years ago, and one business card for an alterations place here in town; she frequently marks books with receipts, scraps of paper, and sometimes even other books (how meta).

After you’ve photographed your bookmark or thought about your bookmarking choices, make a post on your blog and link back to it here–or simply leave a comment. We’ll randomly pick a winner at Hour 13 to get a book of their choice (worth up to $10) from the Book Depository. Now get marking!


64 thoughts on “Read-a-Thon Mini Challenge Hour 10: Marking Books!

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  2. To be honest I use random scraps of things to mark my place in books. Anything paper-like, string-like, or anything that is flat and close to hand I use. I think it’s just because I’m lazy? I dunno. at
    Melissa @ Must Read Faster

  3. I only use bookmarks as bookmarks. I’m kind of OCD about it… hahaha
    If I was at home right now, I’d soooo create a bookmark, but I’m at my parents’ house and they don’t have anything fun. Boooo!

    martinack_75 AT hotmail DOT com

  4. I usually use anything I can get my hands on when I pause reading.

    May it be a piece of paper, the receipt, a CD, a concert ticket – it just has to be thin enough, so I may close the book properly – I try to avoid those “marks” book covers get when you open them too often as long as possible. The most shameful way to keep track of my reading progress I have used yet, was to dog-ear the page I currently was reading, because I had absolutely nothing else to use.

    In general I try to keep my books in good state, so it shames me to do anything to them. Even books we read in school. It literally pained me to see that someone who borrowed it before me had marked, underlined or commented something in a book I was reading.

  5. I also use random things. And I like to leave them in my books after I am done reading so that when I look back at the book later, I have reminders of what was going on in my life. I use movie stubs or receipts from stores or this week I used my voters confirmation strip thing. I also like to use post it notes as a bookmark because the stick where I want them to and they don’t tend to fall out. I very rarely use real bookmarks. I tend to lose those.

    Kate @ Kate’s Book Nook –

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  7. If I can find them, I use the bookmarks I sometimes get sent with books from The Book Depository. If I can’t, and let’s face it, more often than not that’s the case, I use post-its, old receipts, torn off pieces of paper, old bus passes, envelopes, toothpicks – whatever’s handy and lying around.

    I was given a lovely magnetic one by friend, but it got lost. :(

    Right now I’m using one of the Book Depository ones.

    maline at gmail dot com

  8. I have such a vast bookmark collection, but unfortunately I use whatever’s around. Right now I’m using sheets from a little penguin notepad I use. I also use business cards, mail, old assignment sheets… whatever.


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  10. Oh, I don’t think I can do this challenge. You see, I never use bookmarks. I just, ahem, find my place without marking it. Actually, I thought all big readers did that… until I met my husband. (Oh, he uses a very old, very thin, almost invisible paper receipt, BTW…)

  11. 2) I don’t usually use bookmarks, and when I do, it’s whatever’s lying around! In school I use pencils and pens, notecards, a calculator, another book, whatever works! Often, though, I just shut the book and find my place later. It seems to work!
    One bookmark I like, though, comes from a bookstore called R.J. Julia’s, and it says “Be careful. The next page may be odd.”, and is one of the book marks they stick in you book after you buy something..they makes me smile though, and I like to place them strategically in some of my favorite books!

  12. Now I use only bookmarks for bookmarking, and I usually use the bookmarks from Book Depository, because I like them, and I don’t want to use my beautiful &/or signed bookmarks.

    For me, it’s not only to be a bookmark, because I have some really plain ones that I don’t want to use, and probably never will.

    When I was little I was usually dog-earing the books (I know, bad, now I never do that), later on I used my library card for bookmarking, and now only bookmarks.

    Also, I’m kinda OCD about my books and my bookmarks lol at gmail dot com

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  14. I have a whole bunch of bookmarks from friends, ones that I’ve made, that I’ve bought, etc. Yet for some reason I most often seem to use a receipt or post-it note as a bookmark, because I worry about losing my pretty / personal ones. Which is very silly, but there ya have it.

  15. I’ve been thinking about making my own bookmarks, but I have yet to actually try doing it.
    I used to just put a piece of paper in a book and then I started reading book blogs and realized that real bookmarks exist. I had this really pretty bookmark with muffins and zombies and it was my favorite. And than it disappeared. I still haven’t found it. Now I use a bookmark with Harry Potter (because I love the series).But I want to have some nice bookmarks with quotes on them :)

  16. Normally I have this super cute bookmark with magnetic.
    But since I just moved. I just crabbed what I could find. Which was a random bookmark from a swag I once got :)

  17. You inspired me to look up those ol’ pinterest posts to see what bookmarks and pagemarkers I wanted to make, thanks! I posted my favorite bookmark, besides this I also tend to use crochet projects/hooks, ribbons and grocerie receipts!

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  19. I would love to Create a bookmark right now, but that would take too much time during the readathon. I love to pimp those tags with a watercolour background and stamps. Tie some ribbon and done!

    I actually lose a lot of my bookmarks. So I pick them up where ever I can. And I use notecards, receipts, envelops, flyers etc etc :)

    I really love this challenge btw :)

  20. I like to use old postcards, it is so nice when I pick up a book again after some time away to find greetings from friends inside. I also use those extra cards that come with tarot decks. And I make my own, no time to make one tonight but posted photo of the one I use tonight in my blog here:

  21. I love making bookmarks but I use anything like old bills, postcards, photographs. I keep a collection of them on my bookshelf, lately I don’t really make much bookmarks since I receive so many from book depository.

  22. So, one night I went to a concert with my brother. My favorite band was playing so I was really excited. At the end of the show the musicians were throwing things into the audience and my brother caught my favorite guitarist’s pick! Seeing as how my brother is awesome, he gave the pick to me. :p I put it in a protective sleeve and have used it as a bookmark ever since. lol this sounds a little fan-girly now but it is a happy memory. My other favorite bookmark is one my dad brought me from an artist at some home-show or something. It is my name done in an artistic korean calligraphy/art style. Other than that, I usually just use scraps of paper as bookmarks.

  23. I’ve quite a large collection of bookmarks but I have some favourites. :) A British friend of mine sent me about 5 different hand-made ones last year and they have some of my favourite bookish quotes on them – I either use one of these, or my magnetic bookmark. :)

    Thanks for this mini-challenge and happy reading!
    Vicky x

  24. I’m prone to using ridiculous things as bookmarks, like my tape measure or a random bra strap that happens to be around! I wander around whilst I’m reading and just use whatever I have to hand when I have to stop and do something else!


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  26. I have a drawer full of bookmarks. I collect them but I don’t use them. When my sister and I were little we would pull the bookmarks from each others books (and occasionally mum’s book). We both quickly learned to memorise what page we are on. It’s now become a habit

  27. I actually have 4 I normally use. One with a cat, a leather one with the chinese symbol for wisdom embossed on it, and a trio of four leaf clovers set in between plastic (yeah, they’re real). BUT my favorite bookmark to use, especially while reading horror novels (or zombie novels and I’m doing now) is one that states “Zombies are crap at knitting” So here’s an older pic from my pinterest board with the bookmark!

  28. I still use a bookmark I got in Middle school that encourages reading. Don’t know why I love it so much, but I do. That librarian was the most nurturing person I’ve ever met, so I imagine it’s in memory of her.

  29. I use whatever is within arm’s reach as a bookmark. I have several, and I used to collect them, but more often than not I’m nowhere near a bookmark when I need one.

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  31. I like to pick up a book whenever I’m at an art museum, but if I can’t find any legit bookmarks, I will use about anything. I don’t like receipts because they are too thin and sticky, and sometimes I can’t find them in the book. Postcards and index cards work well though. I also have a set of loteria cards that I like to use as bookmarks.

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