I know I’ve mentioned Aimee Fleck around here before, but I don’t think I mentioned a recent zine of hers, DAMN GIRL THAT STYLE IS FAT. As you might have grasped from the title, it’s a short illustrated guide to dressing up for fat women, and is completely great. I’m straight-sized and I loved it–the illustrations are gorgeous and I think a lot of the advice is solid for plus-sized and straight-sized people.

The zine, which you can buy on Gumroad, is only available digitally, but here’s the great part: she’s working on a book-sized version that will be in print. It will be available to pre-order soon, and I’m already looking forward to my copy. I may even buy two and do a giveaway, so keep your eyes peeled!


Join In On a Name of the Star Readalong 2/24/13!

My cat is taking up precious real estate on the computer keyboard, so I’ll make this brief:

In preparation for Maureen Johnson’s book The Madness Underneath being released on Tuesday, she’s doing a Name of the Star (the previous book in the series) readalong tomorrow!

Go check out the details and follow along on Twitter, Tumblr, or via semaphore. C’mon, it’s not like you had anything better to do anyway.

Lucy Knisley’s Relish Tour Dates Announced!


image by Lucy Knisley

Lucy Knisley just announced the tour dates for her newest book, Relish, which will be released at the beginning of April! There are a bunch of San Francisco dates and I am so there, you guys. Like food? Like comics? Go go go! (I actually read a galley of it several months ago, so watch for a review soon. Looking forward to owning a print copy of it like nobody’s business!)