Read-a-Thon Hour 7 Mini-Challenge: Best/Worst Covers

Oh man, you guys. Okay. So the Hour 7 Mini-Challenge directs us to find the best and worst covers of one of the books in our pile, and BOY HOWDY do I have a cover journey to take you guys on. See, just for kicks I brought along L.J. Smith’s The Forbidden Game trilogy, because it’s terrible and hilarious, and the cover of the version I have is wham-bam-boom the best/worst:

Photo on 4-27-13 at 11.08 AM

Trust me, it’s about as terrible and hilarious as a cover can get.

But it turns out that most of the other editions are JUST AS BAD:


The newer editions are boring as all get out. Right? And the older individual covers (since it’s technically a three-parter, I just have one glorious volume) are, well…



What even. I love them so much. This is how you can tell I’m of the hipster generation, because I look at these covers and think, “They’re hideous, I must have them.

Jessica: My books can’t compete with the horror and glory of L.J. Smith, but there are some decent options to be found.

In the far left is the cover I have for Invisible Cities. It’s alright, but pretty boring. In the middle is my favorite after a quick Google search. Still simple, but I like the reflection of the ‘cities’ at the top, and I like the painterly texture. Both reflect the dreamy qualities of the book. To the right is my least favorite. What is even going on? Way to take all the romance and dreaminess out of the book and make it seem like a book about… cartography.

To the left is the cover I have for Oryx and Crake and I think it’s also my favorite. The illustration is weird, but that’s fitting, and it wraps around the book, which I almost always find appealing. I also appreciate the plain white cutouts for the author, title and quotes. To the right is… well. Do I even need to say why I think it’s the worst?


2 thoughts on “Read-a-Thon Hour 7 Mini-Challenge: Best/Worst Covers

  1. I love the Calvino covers you picked. I’ve actually never read him, but I’m co-hosting a readalong of one of his books this fall! Happy read-a-thon day and keep up the reading!

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