Read-a-Thon Mini Challenge Hour 21: Mad Libs!


Hey, everybody! Welcome to the Hour 21 Mini-Challenge! We–Mia and Jessica–are happy to host you guys as we continue on our collective reading journey! We’re so close to the end I can taste it. How about some Read-a-Thon style mad libs to keep your brain awake?

Here’s what you’re gonna do:
1) pick a paragraph (not too long) from the book you’re reading
2) remove some/most of the nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs, and either
3a) get a friend (in person, over the phone, over the internet–whatever!) to fill in the words for you mad-libs style or
3b) fill them in yourself from the spoiler-texted word list below
4) post your hilarious paragraph on your blog and link us to it or leave it in a comment here!

Easy, right? Here’s an example: I started with this paragraph from Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell:

It was the habit of Mr. Norrell and Jonathan Strange to spend the hour before dinner in Mr. Norrell’s library and it was in this room that they received his lordship. Childermass was also present, ready to act as clerk, counselor, messenger or servant just as circumstances should require.

I asked Mia for three people, a measure of time, noun, type of room, verb, and four jobs. After plugging everything in, I got:

It was the habit of Mike Tyson and Ada Lovelace to spend the fortnight before watermelon in Mike Tyson’s kitchen and it was in this room that they slipped his lordship. Stuart Little was also present, ready to act as fishmonger, busboy, investment banker or chauffeur just as circumstances should require.

It made us both giggle like mad, and we hope it’ll do the same for you!

Here’s a list of some words if you don’t want to or can’t bother someone (feel free to adapt as necessary, e.g. making nouns plural or changing verb tense):





text message



We’ll run the challenge until hour 24 and winners will receive a book of their choice (worth up to $10) from the Book Depository. Go ahead and get libbing!


19 thoughts on “Read-a-Thon Mini Challenge Hour 21: Mad Libs!

  1. Franklin and Val tiptoed into the witch’s bedroom. After placing the clock’s guard dolls on the floor they tried to open the clock doors, but they were sealed shut.

    Clark and Lois strolled into the villain’s bedroom. After placing the clock’s guard cookie on the wall they tried to tickle the clock doors, but they were listlessly resistant.

  2. “Poutiness stirred in my elbow. At least, I hoped they didn’t. We reached the subway without any further drama. I followed the umbrella and headed for France, tucking the apple into an open space in the middle of a cluster of french horns. Hiding in plain sight, so to speak.”

    This Mad Lib was made possible by Twitter and the help of fellow readathon reader @CreateWithJoy1. Thanks for a great challenge that was lots of fun to do with technology and a new friend!

    Stiletto Storytime
    stilettostorytime at gmail dot com

  3. “If ye want to be there to greet your father, we must head back. Even though he’s using the coach he’ll still be at the manor house inside a quarter hour. The train would have arrived at Lime St Station in Liverpool well over an hour ago..”


    If Dr Doolittle wants to be there to frisk your poodle, we must herd forward. Even though nurse is using the carpet mother’ll still be at home beside a frozen window. The basket would have melted at Lime St parlour below Liverpool nearly against an ephod prior. :-) thx for the FuN!

  4. The beer starts to topple. From below, the aroma of readers’ laughter mingles with the dancing of koalas. The ice cream shop sleeps. Looking out over the library below and the stars beyond, I find myself rejoicing, “I could google here forever.”

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  8. Great idea! Here’s mine:
    Original: Flavius lifts a few strands of my wet, tangled hair. He gives his head a disapproving shake, causing his orange corkscrew curls to bounce around.

    Modified: Zedd lifts a few strands of my silent, quirky peanut. He gives his door a disillusioned shake, causing his purple corkscrew buns to eat around.

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