Read-a-Thon Mini Challenge Hour 7: Mad Libs!


Hey, everybody! Welcome to the Hour 7 Mini-Challenge! We–Mia and Jessica–had so much fun hosting this challenge last year so we had to do it again! We’re a quarter of the way through the ‘Thon (whoo!) and just starting to lose some steam (boo!). How about some Read-a-Thon style mad libs to keep your brain awake?

Here’s what you’re gonna do:
1) pick a paragraph (not too long) from the book you’re reading
2) remove some/most of the nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs, and either
3a) get a friend (in person, over the phone, over the internet–whatever!) to fill in the words for you mad-libs style or
3b) fill them in yourself from the spoiler-texted word list below
4) post your hilarious paragraph on your blog and link us to it or leave it in a comment here!

Easy, right? Here’s an example. Mia started with this paragraph from Anastasia Krupnik:

Washburn Cummings, in all honesty, did not even know that Anastasia existed. But everyone at the J. Henry Bosler Elementary School knew about Washburn Cummings. On the day that he came to school wearing a tee shirt with an obscene saying printed across the front, and was sent home by the principal to change.

She asked me for two famous people, a location, a garment, a noun, a job, and a verb. After plugging everything in, we got:

Tim Curry, in all honesty, did not even know that Stephen Curry existed. But everyone in Guadalajara knew about Tim Curry. On the day that he came to Guadalajara wearing a muumuu with a fingernail printed across the front, and was sent home by the cat handler to warble.

It made us both giggle like mad, and we hope it’ll do the same for you!

Here’s a list of some fall/Halloween themed words if you don’t want to or can’t bother someone (feel free to adapt as necessary, e.g. making nouns plural or changing verb tense):






love potion



We’ll run the challenge until hour 10 and the winner will receive a book of their choice (worth up to $10) from the Book Depository. Go ahead and get libbing!


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42 responses to “Read-a-Thon Mini Challenge Hour 7: Mad Libs!

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  2. That was funny! So, you can see my answer here:

    Thank you for the challenge!


  3. hehe, good challenge and helped lighten the mood with such a sad book:

  4. I love this challenge! I’m reading a romance, so random words make it significantly less sexy. LoL

  5. My entry is at That’s one odd sentence! Thanks for the fun challenge.

  6. Mine is here:

    It was worth it just for the very first sentence, which is ‘the abductors led them away from the read-a-thon.’ Conjures up images of us all being dragged away from our books today!

  7. Irene

    He tugged on the chain and, reluctantly, the star began to get to her feet, leaning first against Tristan, and then, as if proximity to him disgusted her, on the crutch.
    With help from my sister:
    He tugged on the phone and, reluctantly, the bus began to get to her feet, leaning first against the cow, and then, as if proximity to him disgusted her, on the couch.

    -from Stardust

  8. Here is mine, I used your words, and it’s ummm, interesting. Thanks for the fun challenge!

  9. Original: “That’s alright.” He plucked gently at the strings with his fingertips, which produced a soft, vibrant noise. “This is pizzicato–the first thing my father taught me how to do when he showed me the violin. It reminds me of being a child.” from Clockwork Princess

    New: “That’s alright.” He cooked gently at the rhinoceros with his leg, which produced a soft, funny noise. “This is pizzicato–the first thing my
    George Clooney taught me how to do when he showed me the Moon. It reminds me of being a iPad.”

  10. Engaging hubby’s help. He is, er, indisposed at the moment so I’ll post my answer in a few minutes. ;)

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  12. megan

    Fun! Here is mine (I have all my mini-challenges on one post, so scroll down a little)

  13. jema

    Tengo wrote a story about the Little People and their deeds. Eriko furnished the basic story and Tengo converted it into an effective piece of writing.’

    ‘Tengo curdled a story about the Hexes and their potions. Eriko elucidated the nocturnal boil and Tengo splattered it into an thankful piece of spleen.’

    ok another using a random word generator (and this is so stealing reading time…)

    ‘Aomame severely distorted her face in the gloom. She had to try her best to follow what this man was saying. “Are you telling me that I was transported into this other world of 1Q84 by Tengo’s storytelling ability…’

    ‘Aomame vividly protected her ignorance in the gloom. She had to clean her camel to follow what this man was sharing. “Are you telling me that I was buried into this buttered toast of 1Q84 by Tengo’s sinful folly…’

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  15. Yeah, I know some of those aren’t the parts of speech for which I asked, but DH has been doing a lot of running around this morning and his brain is a little fried, so I’m cutting him some slack. He’ll be dealing with me in the latter part of the readathon so, it’s only fair. :O) Here’s my entry.

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  17. Found this to be more fun than the ones we usually do: must be the bookishness. Thanks for the fun!

  18. This was a great mini-challenge! My husband and I had a lot of fun with it! Thank you!

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  24. That was fun…although the words my husband gave me to substitute were all at a first grade level. ;) Here is my paragraph. Thanks for the challenge and have a great readathon!

    Stiletto Storytime

  25. Congratulations! You won my Books on Books Mini Challenge :) Please email me your name and mailing address. stacybooks at yahoo

  26. abookdragon

    just stopping by to say thank you for hosting a mini-challenge. Gina @ BookDragon’s Lair

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