2 in 1

I saw this tag on booktube and thought it would be fun to do to warm up this creaky old blog before the read-a-thon this weekend.

You pick two books each from six genres you enjoy. I think it’s a great idea cause it gives you such a huge variety of books to recommend! I’m not sure if you’re supposed to use the genres the originator used, but I think it’ll be more fun to pick six of my own rather specific genres (and that way, I can always do it again if I’m inspired!).

Note: these are not necessarily my favorite books from these genres, but they are books I’ve thoroughly enjoyed from these genres.


Historical Romance a: The Heiress Effect by Courtney Milan. I read this last month and it was perfect for me: a tall heroine who masks her good qualities is gaudy clothes and inappropriate behaviors for Good Reasons That I Shall Not Mention, and a hero who sees through her act to the real her (though not immediately, which I loved). They have real things in common, like a heightened awareness of society’s pressures and bullshit, and also real reasons to resist what is growing between them. This is the second book in Milan’s Brothers Sinister series and I also highly recommend the first book from the series. I hear the whole thing is great, though! (In fact, I have a novella from the series on my TBR for the ‘thon!)

Historical Romance b: Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen. There are no good covers of Northanger Abbey, I’m fairly convinced. Anyway, I’m not sure if this should really count as historical romance for a couple of reasons, but it’s my list and I’m including it! Northanger Abbey might be Austen’s least well-rated novel, at least it is on Goodreads, but let me tell you why it’s better than Mansfield Park (and Emma – oh, the blasphemy!). Mr. Tilney is the dreamiest Austen hero by way of being the only one with a sense of humor (is that harsh? yes. is it true? … not really). Catherine Morland has a great character arc through the book, so while she does and thinks some dumb things, she grows. It’s great. Fanny should try it sometime. ba dum tssh! Plus, this is Austen ruminating and commenting on some of the literary trends of the time – most notably crazy-as-poop Gothics – and it’s excellent.

You know what? I think I’m actually going to leave it there for now. I might do more of these during the week, or even after the Read-a-thon – don’t gasp – but I think this is long enough to post and I don’t want to throw out the blog’s back from doing too much at once.


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