Book spine poetry!!

Brian: I’m so excited – this always seemed fun and awesome! Here’s what I could put together (so fuzzy):
In the nature of cities;

rebel cities,

invisible cities,

the dispossessed

walk through darkness:

the very hungry city.

Jessica: Next up, a list poem!

How to Hide an Octopus:
A small place,
Red glove,
Tooth and claw,
Heart of stone,
One hundred years of solitude.
Mia: And the best (a dubious claim) for last!
Cross your fingers, spit in your hat

Beyond the great wall, here comes the cat!


One thought on “Book spine poetry!!

  1. I love all your updates and especially the book spine poetry. You also have some of my recent favourite reads in your stacks (the Emily Carroll stories — so deliciously creepy, and Tamai Kobayashi’s debut novel — just terrific) and seem to be doing a whole lot of great reading and snacking. Enjoy the remaining hours of the read-a-thon! (I’m cheering for you on behalf of Team Marquez.)

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