Hour 7 (ostensibly) and Book Tower Challenge!

Hello hello!

Brian here – I got started late so this is only the beginning of my personal hour 4, but that’s ok!


Yesterday I started the Three Musketeers, so today that’s what I’ve been reading – so far I’m halfway through and enjoying it! The style isn’t what I’m used to since I typically read modern novels, but I think I’m gonna finish it! It’s a pretty easy and fun read so I’m enjoying getting through lotsa pages. While the prose isn’t the heart of the novel, I loved this line: “A criminal does not laugh in the same way as an honest man, and a hypocrite does not shed the same tears as a man of good faith. Duplicity is a mask, and no matter how well made a mask may be, it can always be distinguished from the face with a little attention.”

Book Tower Challenge!

My first mini-challenge – as a (supposed (it’s complicated =P)) engineer I had to try this one!


I think it’s an exaggeration to call it particularly creative – but at least it’s elaborate! (Surprisingly, it didn’t take that long to throw together, but I admit there was a brief planning phase that didn’t go into my 10minute clock – hopefully that’s ok?)

That said, each leg of the tower has an approximate theme:


^The base of Science/Engineering/Technology


^ The base of Justice


^The Base of History

The capstone/ascendent tower where the three substructures connect is made entirely of “diverse” literature – mostly WoC authors but also a couple of black male and white women authors .


(I’m so bad at pictures!) Sorry if I didn’t follow directions quite right!



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