Mad libs winners and favorite lines!

Thank you all for making us laugh so much! We love this challenge and hope you did, too. We picked one winner randomly, and then narrowed it down to four of our favorites and rolled again for the second winner. But we bet you won’t be able to tell which winner is the random one and which is the one we picked, because they’re both so amazing! Before we tell you the winners, here are some of our favorite lines from your mad libs! (Even these were so hard to narrow down! Pretty much every mad lip had something that made us laugh!)

“Six days for each grape that Tom Cruise had eaten” by Devon Stivers

“My toe doesn’t feel right. I try to swim, remembering too late my fingernail is broken.” by Leah

“And that’s when I’m like, well, you’re the one who had 40 wrong pizzas sent to the house. Are you going to blame me and Abraham Lincoln for that, too?” by kgriffin3227

“She asked me seven times if I had possessed the tamales, and five times if I was sure they’ve been flaming tamales – I’m sure that was paranoia on her part.” by Maria Stanislav

“His big toe brushed hers. ‘Why didn’t you tell me J.K. Rowling was here?’
‘I was going to tell you, but –‘
Julian’s breasts clamped over Scarlett’s shoulder, salt and dirt pressed against her knee as he whispered: ‘Shhhh'” by Maartje and Inge

“Christopher Walken faced forward again – and realized he was gelatinous.” by Christine

And our two winners!

“Sylvester Stallone is gone. Executed. He was willing to give the names of many of his octopi, and at least we can thank him for that. Sylvester Stallone attempted to make the point several times that he was no more ludicrous than anyone else and that anybody could become a penis. Did he really bone that or was it simply an orange to ease his fist?” by greensnsteph

“The main earthquake was of a sorcerer a little sparser than her. He was crocheting a denim coin purse that looked too ghostly across his shoulders. His eyes were flaming blurs. He was dead. His face was so fashionable; he was old enough to exsanguinate but young enough to be excited about exsanguinating and thus meticulous.” by Natasha C Barnes


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