About Us

About the blog name: Nisaba was the Sumerian goddess of writing and learning. Scribes ended many of their clay tablets with the phrase “Nisaba be praised!”.  Likewise, the authors of this blog are inspired by Nisaba to write here.

What we write about on the blog: Reviews, bookly news, contests, book-related goodies, etc. Our reviews tend to be focused on our thoughts/reactions and less on plot summaries. We’re all college-educated and have been trained to think critically about the things we read!

About us: Jessica is a 24-year-old unemployed bum in Berkeley, California. She doesn’t like to label herself, but one of the few words she will settle on to describe herself is “reader.” In fiction, she mostly reads young adult, science fiction & fantasy, and romance, though she has enjoyed books from every genre. In nonfiction, she is most interested in history, science, linguistics, anthropology and gardening. You can reach her at penrynsdreams@gmail.com .

Mia is the proud holder of a B.A. in Modern Literature who currently works in a field completely unrelated to her training. She dearly loves genre fiction and nonfiction medical case studies, but will read just about any old thing. When she grows up, she wants to work at a publishing house. Or be a hummingbird.

Mary is a first year M.A. student working with 20th century (and beyond!) poetry at UVA. She has an inappropriate love of poetic form, nerdfighting, and young adult fiction. She enjoys reading poetry, short stories, and almost anything except for autobiography, which she holds a deep and inexplicable grudge against.


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Please can you explain where you got my copyrighted image of Russell Hoban from that appears on your website.


    John Carey

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